Born around a thousand years ago in present day Iraq, Al-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham was a pioneering scientific thinker who made important contributions to the understanding of vision, optics and light. His methodology of investigation, in particular using experiment to verify theory, shows certain similarities to what later became known as the modern scientific method. Hence he is credited as being the world’s first scientist.
Following in the footsteps of this pioneering scientific thinker, Haytham Academy offers
Online Mathematics and Physical Science Classes.

Our Classes are designed for South African learners in grades 10-12 (FET phase).
Our classes are run as follows:
* All classes are conveniently done online via Google Classroom and are conducted by highly qualified teachers.
* There are two classes per week. A theory class in the week and a more practical class on Saturday.
* All classes are recorded and can be rewatched.
* In addition, summary videos and past papers are made available to students for further revision.
* SUBJECTS ARE OFFERED AT R499 per month (R798 if you do both subjects) and the registration fee is R100.


The remarkable improvement in Khanyile's results is contributable to the contribution made by the Haytham Academy programme, which has lifted his self-confidence, positively impacted his attitude towards his entire workload.

Mr & Mrs Kalipa Kimberley, Northern Cape

We are glad to endorse Haytham Academy and recommend them to any Grade 10, 11 and 12 learner families for their quality service and value for money.

Mr & Mrs Kalipa Kimberley, Northern Cape

Haytham Academy was a change that I needed in my schooling career. Haytham has instilled in me a sense of pride in my work. It has taught me that I have the potential to accomplish what I put my mind to but I will have to make the necessary sacrifices for them.

Khanyile Kalipa Grade 12 - Kimberley, Northern Cape

I found the tutoring extremely helpful this year. I have a math teacher who hardly teaches so attending the classes or watching the recordings really helped me in my understanding of the content. I have been struggling with my teacher and my marks dropped a lot this year but with the help of the recordings, I was able to get back to where I was previously by attaining an A in my final exams.

Azraa Khan Grade 11 - Cape Town, Western Cape

The online classes for Mathematics and Physical Science helped my son Ethan a lot throughout the year. His marks drastically improved from codes 2 in both subjects to codes 4/5 respectively through the 3 terms. For me as a parent I can only applaud the academy for the professional way the classes were conducted.

Mrs M Jacobs Robertson, Western Cape
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